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In My Own Words

Laying out my ideas on "Progress and Possibilities" for the future of women in military service at the Sea Service Leadership Association's 28th Annual Joint Women's Leadership Symposium. The Symposium is the only event in the United States dedicated to providing service women professional development through networking, education, and mentorship from all five Armed Services. The training symposium has become a preemeinent trianing event dedicated to providing women serving in the Department of Defense and Coast Guard - civilian, officer, enlistde, and cadets. This year's theme "Progress and Possibilities: Embrace our Future Now!" focused on opportunities for women in the military and explored options for the future. Read full remarks on my blog.         

Speaking at San Diego Women's Week in February of 2014 was one of the most inspirational experiences of my life. The theme of the week was to "Empower | Inspire | Connect." I felt that it was important to speak about the ways our experiences with adversity empower us to find strength in difficult times, inspire us to take action and connect us in our effort to make the world a better place for the next generation of women.       

I had the honor of speaking at TEDxAmericsFinestCity in October of 2013. It was a privilege to share my story and talk with the audience about self-acceptance and acceptance of others. Click here to learn more and listen about my Road to TED.      

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